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The Piggies!

Here are the Furry Babies!

This is Marley


This is Marley and she is our newest addition. She is very beautiful because she is all white with blue eyes! She is a short haired Guinea Pig and is still a baby. She is only about 2 months old and still a bit shy but very tame.


We Can't Forget Sid


Although Sid is no longer with us, we will always remember him and his sweet nature. He died right after surgery to be neutered.

Meet Nelly


This is Nelly and she is about two years old. She is a pig with an attitude. She is the sweetest thing though. She has a way of looking at you with her ears all up and she will lick your face! She looks like she is laughing when she does this. You can see her smile in her eyes.


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