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The Doggies!

This Page is for the Dogs of my family!

Here is Rosie


Meet Rosie, our oldest! She will be 7 on Valentines Day of 2005. She has to be the best dog I have ever had. She honestly thinks she is human. She is sweet natured and adores children. She makes sure that the rest of the "pack" know that she is the leader even though she weighs in at 11lbs!


This is Cloe


This is Lucy


Lucy was a gift from my sister. She is a black and tan AKC Miniuature Dachshund. She is a bit shyer than Rosie but still so loveable. She is a year and a couple of months and just as beautiful now as when she was born. She only weighs 8lbs but still no match for Rosie.


We adopted Cloe from our local animal shelter. She is a mixed breed puppy and growing really fast. We are planning on taking her to obedience classes as soon as she gets a little older.

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