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These are my Scaley Kids!


This fish is an S. Freyeri male. They are commonly called Electric Blue Ahli although there is controversary that they are in fact not an ahli at all. Either way they are one of the most beautiful fish I have had the pleasure to own. This is my main male of my colony. I have one other male and two females and close to 70 fry.


This fish is called a Socolofi. He is actually a beautiful blue color. He is one out of three. This one is presumeably a male because of the egg spots on his anal fin. Of course females can have those as well. It is very hard to distinguish between the two. They are also from Africa, Lake Malawi.

Eureka Male

This fish is known as a "Eureka" as well as a A. Jacobfreibergi. I have a colony of about 2-3 males and 5-6 females that I know of. They recently added a batch of fry. I keep them in my 55 gallon with lots of limestone to hide in. They are a very beautiful and colorful fish but the males can be aggressive towards the females.


This is my main female S. Freyeri. As you can see they lack the lustorous blue color of the males although they do have just a shimmer of blue to their scales. The photos on all of my fish just do not do them justice. To date she has had two batches of fry which have been raised successfully.


These fish are called Firemouth. I have two, both are males. They are from South America and are called firemouth because of the red coloring on the underside. It is more prominent as the fish get older. They are a beautiful fish with long flowing finage.


This is BA. He is an Oscar/wet dog. He tries to eat anything and everything. He belongs to my husband but at feeding time he belongs to anyone with the shrimp in hand! He is very spoiled as he only likes beefheart, dried shrimp, and baby brine shrimp. He will NOT eat pellets or flakes, krill or anything else out there.


In the photo above you will see the new calvus I was mentioning earlier. She is a wild caught Calvus and comes from Lake Tanganyekia in Africa. She is a cichlid like all the rest of my fish. The Calvus grow at an extremely slow rate which in turn can make them out to be a very expensive fish! They are my weakness and I plan on adding another black male and I want to purchase some whites too.


If you click on the photo and look closely you can just see the stripes coming in on these S. Freyeri fry. They are actually in size about 1/2" but they are growing very fast! I currently keep them in a 20 gallon long growout tank.


This is one of  my very favorite fish, the Calvus. These fish are so beautiful but they also tend to look cunning. I have four of this color morph and very soon plan to add more. I have Fire Fin Calvus fry now. In the  future I am planning on purchasing the black calvus male and hopefull a pair of white calvus. I am in the process of adding another 55 gallon tank to my collection.

If you are interested in learning more about these fish or some other type of fish, please visit our main page and click on Pet Articles. You will find a species guide that is updated as soon as the articles are written. If you have a specific fish you want to know about, drop me a line and I will see if it is in the next line up of articles to be published. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

All photos,stories, and articles are the property of C. Rentas and not to be copied or downloaded without her permission. 2004