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The Kitties!

These are the special Felines in my Family!

This is Steve


Steve is the comic of the family even though he is the oldest, almost three. He does some really cute things that at times could be seen as strange. He likes to play lots of cute games such as "homeless kitty", "army cat", and "broken legged kitty". He is totally harmless but such a riot. In one of the pictures here you can see him trying to fit his big rear in the Guinea pig carrier. He does so many things just for attention. The cutest thing he does is when he is sleeping he sticks out his tongue. Now sometimes he doesn't even have to be sleeping to do this, just that is when you see him doing it the most!


Meet Charlie

Let me introduce the baby of the kitties, Charlie. He is just a young one that we adopted from our local shelter. He wasn't even six weeks old when we got him. He had so many fleas you couldn't even see his skin and on top of that he had an upper respitory infection. The shelter wormed them all and gave them their first shots, we took Charlie to the doctor where he was treated for the infection and now he has gained over a pound and is pouncing everything in site!


Heeerrrreee's Johnny!


Johnny, believe it or not, was once a ferral kitten. We brought him home and showed him a lot of love. He still isn't too fond of being held but he knows how to let you know he is happy! I thought he may be the one kitten to fall in love with my husband, but he isn't. He follows me everywhere although he still seems to enjoy a petting from my husband on occasion. He is a beautiful cat with a sweet disposition, kind of in between Steve and Charlie.

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