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Hello and welcome to my own personal website. I have many sites but none of which are my own, none that tell you about me or my family.
I am a pet groomer by trade and I love my job. I work at a local grooming shop in my hometown in Southern Indiana. It's not a huge shop but we have a good business there and keep busy most of the time. I have been in the grooming business for almost ten years. I started grooming in 1990 but took a break from it in 1999 to get a "clean" job with benefits. Needless to say I went back to grooming because it is what I enjoy the most. I am also my own boss and that makes me really happy. It gives me the time to spend with my kids along with my furry kids. I enjoy being at home whenever I am needed and I make really good money doing something I truely love.
I am very proud of my family and it is growing everyday! I  have kids that are scaley, furry, and hairy. If you want to meet our kids just click on the page that I made for each ones and there you will find photos and stories.
I just hope you will enjoy this website and if you have any comments or suggestions, please be sure to pass them along to me.
I would also like to invite you to browse through my other websites. There is a lot of useful information about your pets and how to care for them. You will also find a forum board, our webrings that are free to join, an online magazine, a page for pet articles, links to some other great sites, even games. Just sit back and relax. Meet some new  people and above all.. have fun!
Happy surfing!

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